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Trust & Safety

To help build trust, many features have been put in place, including an open approach to viewing full details of media channel owners, advertisers and service providers. FLASHA is a platform built around trust.

Secured payment gateway

Secure online payments using Visa or Mastercard can be made within the platform. EFT and money orders can also be integrated into our safe escrow account. We place all transactions into our escrow account first,  Therefore the money still belongs to the buyer. An escrow account is an account used to intermediate transactions between buyers and sellers. Funds are held in custody by FLASHA, until the agreed conditions for release are met.

Verified Users

Anyone wanting to communicate and make use of FLASHA need to register and complete their profile. By doing this, you offer security and verification levels to help buyers make decisions about making contact and purchasing from you. Emails, phone numbers and social media network details are needed in order to begin the registration process. Further details and security is encouraged by all who register, such as ID, passport, drivers licences and/or video verification. These are just a few more details requested to make purchasing decisions more easy. Additionally, we have a policy to allow as much viewing of listing details on the platform as possible, making the FLASHA platform one of trust.

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