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Let Sky Messaging forward you a custom proposal inclusive of artwork ideas, impressive research statistics and an executional breakdown with your specific objectives and the client's strategy in mind in any usable format: PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote or PDF.

As South Africa's most experienced aerial advertising operator, your partnership choice should be vested with the safest and most experienced team: Sky Messaging

Why you should advertise

Get Your Message Noticed!

Zero ad clutter

Averages ±17 seconds of engagement time

Captivating & unique

Gain Brand Equity!

Reach millions (yes, millions!) of eyes during receptive gridlock traffic or reach a select demographic by covering select areas only

Deliver a powerful presence that is memorable

Secure exclusive rights to Sky Messaging's patent & protect your investment

Sustainable, Captivating & Uncluttered!

With aerial banners being showcased overhead of gridlock traffic, thereby targeting a sustainable and captive audience, independent research (University of Cape Town) has demonstrated that banners are difficult if not impossible to ignore:

89% of all respondents agree that the banner is readable & clear

The banner is at all times:

Flown 300m above ground (down to 150m along beaches)

Offset at optimal reading angle from observer

Visible to ± 1,050 people at any given time overhead of gridlock traffic

Exposed via multiple orbits overhead of intersections / peak congested areas

Frequency is Key!

The banner is in essence a moving billboard that is displayed above stationary traffic, which is visible at any given time overhead a particular area. In order to achieve the desired impact, and as an entire city is covered during one flight, one has to conduct multiple flights to effectively cover the vast commuter network.

Sky Messaging’s aerial advertising campaigns can be accentuated with various value add propositions that not only increase the efficacy of the campaign but at the same time drive consumer engagement.

Furthermore, with Sky Messaging’s offerings you can be in complete control of the campaign through various transparency initiatives highlighted below.


Drive consumer engagement and the overall OOH experience with Sky Messaging's in house developed GeoNotification system:

Send a SMS to your select database when the banner flies overhead a predetermined area

Drive a social media campaign in the same way, whereby Tweets and Facebook posts are released when a banner comes within a specific area

Use GeoNotification for:

Product /price marketing

Competitions (e.g. tweet picture of banner and stand a chance to win)

General awareness

Wow factor

How GeoNotification Works:

Sky Messaging tracks each aircraft live and can therefore pinpoints its exact location

Banner flies into a predetermined "zone" (number of zones per flight are unlimited)

Once inside the zone a predetermined SMS or Tweet is released

Advertising Technical/Production Specs

Contact us via the "Send Message" tab on the right and we will get back to you with any queries as well as design and format details for your 5.8m high x 30m wide aerial banner.


Gender Age Scope Of Audience LSM
Female/Male/ 0-65 Local 0-10

Advertising Options

Ad Listing Price Impressions Placements
1010101 1010101 -+
1010101 1010101 -+
1010101 1010101 -+
1010101 1010101 -+
1010101 1010101 -+
1010101 1010101 -+

Ad Production Fee : R139000

  • Cancellation : Moderate: 50% refund up until 21 days prior to placement, except fees
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    About your companion,

    Sky Messaging - Cape Town

    Sky Messaging is a team of highly talented marketers, pilots and ground crew. This introduction will help you understand who we are, what we do and how we do it! Sky Messaging holds a valid and current Air Operator Certificate (CAA/G959D) issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) as well as an Air Service License issued by the Department of Transport, that ensure a legal, approved and audited operation.

    We at Sky Messaging have taken aerial advertising to a new level, primarily in the way that we operate as well as how we deliver to our clients. Sky Messaging follows a unique business model, which is based on sustainability, coupled with a professional and dedicated approach. One question that we hear a lot is why aerial advertising ceased to exist for almost twenty years in South Africa. The answer is relatively simple: banner towing was previously done by a pilot who flew as a hobby on weekends and he or she was not dedicated to providing this service to companies on a full time basis. The other major hindrance was the "traditional" banner towing method, whereby the aircraft approached the banner pickup in a descent using the energy of the shallow dive, and then rotated with application of full power to pick up the banner. With this pick-up method, areas of danger include engine failure, grapple hook deployment errors as well as banner pick-up miscalculations. If the grapple hook is not released in a satisfactory manner, it can snarl on the tailwheel or the landing gear, fouling the landing and potentially causing a crash.

    By employing Sky Messaging's safer method, a patented system that allows us to take off with the banner already attached to the aircraft (adopted primarily all over Europe for various safety reasons), take-off's in higher wind speeds are possible thus broadening the operational scope. In addition, less powerful aircraft are required with Sky Messaging's methodology, which directly relates to lower fuel costs that can be passed on to the client as well as less carbon emissions.


    Cape Town, South Africa Member Since April 2018

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