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Service Providers

List your services to 1000's of media channel owners, events, advertisers, marketing and new business seekers for added revenue

Who are service providers?

Any service related to the events, sponsorship and advertising industry.  From wireless communication services, inflatables, promotional goods, staging, billboard fabrication, graphic design, photography, printing, installations and other services.  Make them all visible on the platform designed for growth. FLASHA also promotes self empowerment through building awareness of new business ideas within the industries and by using service providers within the platform.

How to become a service provider

The FLASHA platform is free for service providers, sales representatives and freelance professionals to register and list services, as long as they are in some or other way related to the events, advertising, marketing and sponsorship industries. Once registered, you will need to develop your profile and list your services on your dashboard under “Service Providers”. Your business will then be exposed on the platform and anyone seeking your services will make contact with you.

Who can register and list available services and opportunities?

Anyone with any type of services related to the events, advertising, marketing and sponsorship industry can list. Whether you are selling services as a company, sales representative or a freelancer and have a product or service within these industries and see value in using the FLASHA platform as part of your growth.

Benefits to service providers (SP)

More Bookings

We list all of South Africa's most exciting and unique media channels on one site and have a large audience thanks to our marketing and tech experts. This means that FLASHA will give your business exposure to thousands of people who visit the platform seeking promotional and placement opportunities.

Unparalleled Support

Our team is based locally and will always assist you in any way possible. Simply drop us a line and we will help out with the description of your space on your FLASHA profile..

Win-win Model

Service providers can create additional revenue streams by offering their services on a platform designed for the growth and development of new and existing businesses.

The Choice is Yours

Enquiries are sent to your inbox and you receive email notifications of this as well. So you will never miss any opportunities.

How are payments made?

FLASHA will notify service providers when an enquiry has been made and will put the media channel owner or advertiser in direct contact with the service provider.  Once confirmation of a sale is confirmed and payed.  All service providers will be charged a 10% admin fee in order to benefit from receiving more leads.

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