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Media Channel Owners (Rights Holders)

There are no set-up or monthly fees.  Simply sign up and make your sponsorship and listings available on FLASHA or list and move unused inventory and boost sales by exposing them to event owners, brand, media, marketing and business managers across South Africa.

What is a media channel owner?

A media channel owner (rights holder) is anyone with sponsorship or advertising opportunities. FLASHA is an online marketplace where you can list your sponsorship and advertising opportunities to a huge audience seeking your audience and platform to market their products or services on such as: Digital screens, in-flight advertising, WiFi hotspots, human/bicycle billboards, drone banners, Exhibition Stands, TV/IP/IPTV networks, website banners, event screens, sponsorships, outdoor digital screens, in-store digital screens, waiting rooms, online radio/TV, bloggers, vloggers, street walls, ablutions, tethered balloons, MMA events, magazines, the next space shuttle to the moon, (the list goes on and on...) So list or find new opportunities and unlock the value in your portfolio today.

How to become a media channel owners 

The FLASHA platform is totally free, there are no start-up or monthly fees for media channel owners or company reps to register and list any type of sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Simply sign up for a free account that will allow you to list and showcase multiple sponsorship and/or advertising channels with a clear presentation of your opportunities with full specs, location, pricing and demographic information needed for advertisers to make decisions. Once registered, you will need to develop your profile, along with your listing/s on your personal dashboard. You will then have full control of editing, activating and de-activating your listings for editing, as well as be able to fully communicate, share contracts, show availability on a calandar, view and send messages and organise safe, secure payments. Freely publish your listing to attract advertisers, marketing, business and sponsorship managers and earn money from any available ad space.

Who can register and list available sponsorship and advertising opportunities?

Any company, sales team member, sportsman, event owner, rights holder or indiviual with available ad space or sponsorship opportunities can list. Any size business looking for added revenue streams to sell unused or unique ad space or if it be an individual with valuable or unique space trying to start a new business or seeking sponsorship. FLASHA is the tool to use to gain exposure over a broader and further reach.  There is always a brand wanting your available space.

Benefits for media channel owners (MCO) & Company Representatives

Additional Sales & Marketing Tool

Use FLASHA as an additional sales lead generating tool to list sponsorship and advertising opportunities or move unused inventory and keep listings up to date through scheduling options in order to expose them to brand, marketing, media and business managers all over South Africa. 

and many more...

- share links to further expose branding opportunities

- process safe and secure payments online

- file sharing for ad creation

- upload relevant content for download

- expose link on social media, website, emails & newsletters

- automatic invoice generation

- Online communication

- Multiple listings

- Video/image and location upload

More Bookings

We list South Africa's most exciting and unique event and advertising channels on one site and have a large audience thanks to our marketing and tech experts. This means that FLASHA will give you exposure to thousands of brand, business, media and marketing managers actively seeking unique, exciting ways to brand and market their companies products and service.

Unparalleled Support

Our team is based locally and will always assist you in anyway possible. Simply drop us a line and we will help out with anything from uploading a video and photo's to helping out with the description of your space on your FLASHA profile.

Win-win Model

FLASHA connects sellers of sponsorship and advertising space with brands who actively seek and would like to benefit from the unique exposure you have. Media channel owners can expose existing channels or create new channels for untapped ad space and advertisers can benefit from exposure thereof.

The Choice is Yours

Enquiries are sent to your inbox, which means you choose which brands you like to accept and most likely suit your event, venue or location. You define the cancellation policies and rules.

Why list?

It's a free account with unlimited listing and management opportunities.  There are no set-up or monthly fees.  Your channels gets exposure on a national level and your sales team members get more responses from brands actively seeking exposure, limiting the time wasted chasing down wrong leads, while helping you reach further, wider and faster than any ever before.  If an sponser or advertiser is interested, they need to commit.

Free Listings

It is completely free to create an account, search and list your sponsorship and/or advertising opportunities and we only charge a small admin fee of 10% when a booking is successfully confirmed and payed for. 

Boost Your Sales

By using the FLASHA platfrom, business or sales members can list one or hundreds of listings from their dashboard and expose these to brand, media, advertising and business managers across South Africa who actively seek marketing opportuinities that suite their demographic, location and budget requirements.

List Any Ad Space

Any type of ad space that you think has value can be listed. From your private event, expo, concert, to your billboard, bar, TV network or sponsorship opportunity.  We know someone who wants your avalible space.  Brands need to market to your audience and event owners need to market their events.

Friendly Support

We want to make your listing experience great.  Let us help you with your account registration and content by contacting us via our support line if you need any help..

Get Noticed

Be seen by thousands of potential sponsers and advertisers every day, from individuals to corporates.

You're the Boss!

You decide which brand most suites your listing or which brand you would like your event associated with – you also set your own restrictions and cancellation policies.


We reflect your minimum charge to help find advertisers with the right budget.

How are payments made?

Once an advertising space or sponsorship is sold successfully, secure transactions happen within the platform. By using the FLASHA platform, both parties are covered in respect to payment and peace of mind. Advertisers are only charged once media channel owners confirm their requests. Once a booking is paid and the media channel owner confirms the request, payments are handled through our legal and the money goes into our Escrow account (Trust Account). These payments still belong to the advertisers and are held for up to 48 hours after the time of placement before releasing the funds to the channel owner (unless otherwise arranged by both parties).  This gives both the advertiser and media channel owner enough time to communicate and request proof of placement and that terms of agreement are reached.

Only at this point does FLASHA deduct an admin fee of 10% in order to keep this great site running for your next pay out date. 

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