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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register and log in?

One of our account managers will help you with setting up your account but if you prefer to set up your own account, simply click the SIGN UP button at the top right of the page. Here you can either sign up with your email or you can use one of your social media accounts.  Should you choose your email, you will be asked for your name, email address and to create a password.  You will then receive an email asking you to verify your email address.  

Log into your email account, find the email (remember to check your spam/junk mail as this happens), click the link and your done.  Now you can log in and build your dashboard profile and start using your account for all things magical...

What can I do from my personal Dashboard?

Every FLASHA account holder gets access to their own personal dashboard.  The dashboard is the same for everyone.  From this, you can create listings or events, add listings you find interesting to your wish list, create and upload services you may also offer into your Service Providers page, search, find and securely pay online and keep all records of conversations, ads, payments, invoices and receipts all on your personal FLASHA dashboard

Why should I create an account?

If you are just browsing through to have a look, you will not need an account.  Should you wish to benefit from creating listings for your media channel, see postings in more detail, request more information and benefit from all the security placements we hav put into the platform, then you will want full access to your personal dashboard - and its all FREE!!!

What are the charges?

All registration and listings are free.  There are no set-up or monthly fees.  

Advertisers get charged a 3% service fee of which covers the cost of processing the fee.  Payment also goes into an Escrow (Trust) account, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.  By doing this, your money still belongs to you and is protected until up to 48 hours after placement has been made and both parties are happy.  If no dispute is claimed within 48 hours, the funds get released into the MCO registered account.

Bank charges will also be levied by your respective financial institutions (advertisers):

  •         - Debit/Credit Card – 2.8%
  •         - PayPal – 5.2%
  •         - EFT R10 Flat Rate

An admin fee of 10% is deducted from the total amount from Media Channel Owners upon successful bookings.

Should you require the services of the FLASHA team to personally help promote and sell your advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as your services as a serivice provider, then FLASHA will charge a higher agreed upon commission fee upon, as agreed in signed contract.

What is the Expected Start Date (ESD)?

All placements have an Expected Start Date. This is the date upon which the buyer can expect to receive confirmation and proof of placement.  The buyer has 48 hours from this date to confirm or place a complaint and let FLASHA KNOW of any problems with the agreement.  If there is inaction from the buyer about any problems, FLASHA may deem this as an acceptance on the buyers part which will authorise FLASHA to release the fund to the seller (MCO).

Partnerships with Media Channel Owners?

FLASHA forms partnerships with all Media Channel Owners and we capture a 10% admin fee whenever a booking is completed to cover company costs.  

Should you require the services of the FLASHA team to personally help promote and sell your advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as your services as a serivice provider, then FLASHA will charge a higher agreed upon commission fee upon, as agreed in signed contract.

Once an advertisers request has been confirmed and payments have been made into the Escrow (Trust) accounts, FLASHA will hold onto these payments, unless otherwise organised by both parties, until 48 hours after the Expected Start Date (ESD).  This gives enough time for both parties to communicate and agree that the terms of agreement have successfully been met through  producing some sort of proof of placement or any other documentation.  If the Advertiser cancels the booking, the cancellation policy will fall into place.  If the Media Channel Owner cancels, the Advertiser can be refunded.

Partnerships with Service Providers?

A 10% admin fee is charged when a successful deal is executed between service providers and media channel owners and/or advertisers.  

Should you require the services of the FLASHA team to personally help promote and sell your advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as your services as a serivice provider, then FLASHA will charge a higher agreed upon commission fee upon, as agreed in signed contract..

Media Channel Owner (MCO) 

Once registered and logged in, complete your profile, click the "My Listings" tab and then click on the "Create Ad Listing" tab and follow options.  If you have any trouble creating your listing or need help with photo's or video's, contact customer support and one of our account managers will happily assist you.

Who is responsible for artwork design?

Sometimes artwork, design and print are included into the price or the Media Channel Owner would specify a price to have this done, but generally the advertiser is responsible for artwork design.  

Should you not have anyone to do your design work for you, you can simply contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation.

How long does it take to get the ads running? (lead time)

Generally, this will be negotiated with your media channel owner if you do not do this in-house.. if you use our services, it would take around 5-7 working days from acceptance of agreement and transfer of creative files and payment but can be reduced to a lesser period in certain cases.

What file formats do you accept?

High resolution PDF's are preferred, but Photoshop, Illustrator and other traditional press ready files are accepted.

How do I send large files?

Most of these types of files are large and its easy and best to simply send them via "wetransfer".  

Service Providers

Once registered and logged in, open your personal dashboard, go to "Service Providers" and fill in your details, logo and add some images of your fine service offering.  As above, should you require any help, contact customer support.

How do I edit or delete my listing?

Navigate to the "My Listings" tab on your dashboard. Here you will find all your listings on FLASHA.  Under each one, you'll see five buttons that you can use.  On the right hand side you'll see the edit and delete buttons for that particular listing.  Simply click on the relevant button and follow the prompts.

If a sales member leaves the company, can I pass on the account to a new member with existing listings, new email address and password?

Yes, as long as you have the original password, you can change these details so that the account will belong to your new sales person. You will need to contact us at with contact details and one of our team members will contact you and arrange the changes once sufficient identification and proof of change has been received.  It is best to keep your listings on the business social media accounts or a business email address so as to make sure you are always aware of where the your accounts are and if in case someone reaches out to you.

How will advertisers get in touch with me?

You will receive an email on your registered email address that a buyers (advertiser) is interested in one or more of your listings or you may be contacted through one of our customer service agents directly.  Advertisers will be able to request more information through our system, which will then be sent to you via one of the mentioned methods.  

How do I request a booking from Media Channel Owners (MCO)?

Once you have found a media channel you are interested in but somehow need more info,  on the listing page of the MCO, simply make contact via the "Send Message" tab in the box on the left.  Once you've receive confirmation via email about your request and are satisfied with that particular listing and that you would like to go with the media channel, simply book it and begin the checkout process.  Our online booking platform is safe and secure and money is placed in our Escrow (Trust) account and is not released until you are happy that your ad has been placed and have been provided with proof of placement.  If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of the ESD (Expected Start Date), we will assume that all is in order and the funds will be released to the MCO.  If you need any help with anything, you can email us at

How do I contact a Media Channel Owner before making a booking?

If you want to contact an MCO before making a booking to enquire about anything, then you simply send them a message on thier listing page via the FLASHA platform.

To message an MCO before making a booking:

1. On, go to the listing you want to message about

2. Click on the "Send Message" tab

3. Enter your message and send

For your safety, privacy and placement insurance, it is best to keep all communication and payments on the FLASHA platform. We cannot secure these for you if you circumvent the system. The service fee percentage has been worked out to give you peace of mind at the smallest price possible. Get what you pay for... Stay in the game...

Why should I pay and communicate directly through FLASHA

Paying and communicating through FLASHA means that you are protected through our terms and conditions, cancellation policies, Escrow (Trust) account, refund policy and other safe guards such as our warranty to further protect customer purchases on our site. You are also able to keep all your messaging history and important references in one safe place. We cannot protect or offer this to you if you communicate outside of FLASHA.

Report suspicious messages and never pay outside of our site for your own protection. If you see red flags go up with any dealings on FLASHA, immediately report this on our "contact us" page. Our community is one that is built on trust and safety for all. Keep within the site and have peace of mind at all times.

Where will I see that a payment has been made and how will it be payed to me?

You will receive an email from our support team that a payment has been made into the FLASHA Escrow (Trust) account.  This money will be kept safe until 48 hours after the ESD start date of the event or placement.  This gives the advertiser enough time to communicate with you that the terms of agreement have been met.  Should the advertiser let us know that we may release funds earlier, we will proceed and pass payment into your account immediately. 

Wouldn't it be cheaper for me to book directly with Media Channel Owners?

FLASHA forms partnerships with all Media Channel Owners and service fees are only taken directly from these partnerships.  We basically form an extension of their sales team.  We only charge a 3% service fee from advertiser to cover the cost of processing the transaction and we offer the services of our Escrow (Trust) account at no extra charge.  This means money is kept in safe gaurd and still belongs to the advertiser until all agreements of release are met, keeping both parties safe and with the peace of mind that payment has been made.  This payment may be released earlier or on any specific date when agreed by both parties.

What is an escrow account?

An Escrow is basically, as we most likely to call in South Africa, a Trust account, whereby your payment goes into a safe keeping account.  Therefore the money still belongs to the buyer.  An Escrow Account is an account used to intermediate transactions between buyers and sellers.  Funds are held in custody until the agreed conditions for release are met.

Is a FLASHA account safe?

Great question.  When you log into FLASHA, you will see the https:// security protocol.  If you do not see this, log out immediately and log in again. We also use COMODO SSL. Click on the logo at the bottom of the page and have a look for yourself. Safe, secure, and very much guaranteed.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount to list on FLASHA?

The minimum amount for any listing is R200 and there is no maximum amount.  An  admin fee of 5% is charged only once funds are transferred across to MCO.  

Why am I not receiving my emails from FLASHA?

Check your spam email filter to ensure that emails from FLASHA are not blocked. Also check your junk mail folder and right click to authorise FLASHA's e-mails as "not Junk".  Also best to whitelist

What happens if the Buyer does not notify FLASHA about proof of placement and that the funds can be released?

All agreements have an Expected Start Date (ESD).  This is the day upon which the advert is placed on any particular media channel.  From this date, a period of 48 hours is given for the buyer to lodge any complaints.  Should no complaints be lodged within the 48 hour period, the proof of placement will be deemed as being delivered and FLASHA will release the funds into the sellers account.  

What is proof of placement?

Proof of placement is basically some sort of proof that the buyer got what they paid for.  This could be in the form of a video, image or some other type of proof.

When and how do all the specs, artwork and proofs get exchanged?

All information is available on the platform but should you require any additional information, then you simply send a message via "Send Message" tab on the listing page of the MCO.

Why does FLASHA keep the interest?

The fees for the service provided by FLASHA have assumed the collection of interest to offset what would otherwise be higher administration costs. For this reason, we are able to offer a cost effective service that provides peace of mind.  By holding onto any payments until proof of placement has been received by the advertisers (buyers), placement insurance is given to the advertisers and guaranteed full deposits can be assured by all MCO's (sellers).  Unless otherwise organised by both parties with full proof of early release of funds, Flasha will hold onto the full payment amount up until 48 hours of ESD.

Who pays the FLASHA fees?

Sellers (Media Channel Owners) pay an admin fee of 10%.  This service fee is payed by the sellers (MCO), as FLASHA basically becomes an added sales tool for the company or the companies sales team members, one that works 24/7 with a wide and farther reaching database of buyers.

Advertisers pay a 3% service fee which covers the cost of processing the transaction.  Flasha also offers its Escrow (Trust) account services at no charge, making life easier and safer for both parties to honestly meet agreement terms.

Service providers pay a 10% admin fee for succesfull quotations received that lead to succesfull payments. 

When do I authorise FLASHA to release payment?

There is no need to authorise the release of payment.  Once the window period of 48 hours has passed after proof of placement is supposed to have been arranged by both parties, the funds are released to the seller.  Should a complaint be lodged by email before this time is up, FLASHA will not authorise the transfer of funds until such proof has been delivered and both parties are in agreement.

​What do I do if agreements are not fully met?

Either attempt to renegotiate or register a dispute on the system. Remember, the funds are still in trust. If you cannot resolve the dispute, parties can choose arbitration whereby an independent arbitrator will adjudicate the matter quickly and justly.

When will my FLASHA fee be deducted?

Only once the money is transferred across to the sellers account.  Upon release of the funds, our charges are deducted. 

If the deal is cancelled, the full amount will be returned to the buyer, less the service fee, which is a minimal amount compared to trying to get money back from a stranger. (this fee is 3% of the total amount)

​Can I mark dates as booked or not available for any of my listings?

Yes, on your dashboard under "My Listings" click the "Schedule" tab and list the dates either as available, booked or not available.  This will then appear on your listing page under "Availability - View Calendar"

Can I update my site after an event is over or my sponsorship requirements have changed?

Yes, the site is fully customizable and you can update, activate or hide listings until needed or until edited for the next event (they will remain on your site untill you delete them).  You can have as many listings as you like but keep in mind that in order to have good feedback and responses you will need to be in charge of your account and keep it fully updated.  Old listings will just create confusion and complaints.

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