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Ambient Media Channels: Alternative Advertising/Guerrilla marketing

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  1. Trailer Advertising - Cape Town

    Trailer Advertising - Cape Town

    R 6550

    K & A Marketing has built up an extensive client base over the course of the past 17 years of operation. We are proud to be associated with our many corporate and independent customers who have come to rely upon us for their branding and advertising needs.

    Our team’s close collaboration with our clients has allowed us to produce some of the most innovative and eye-catching street campaigns that have achieved wide exposure for their products and events.

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  2. Direct Marketing & Distribution Services

    Direct Marketing & Distribution Services

    R 660

    Direct marketing is a form of advertising in which companies provide physical marketing materials to consumers to communicate information about a product or service. Direct marketing does not involve advertisements placed on the internet, on television or over the radio.

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  3. Promo Staff

    Promo Staff

    R 350

    PROMO TEAMS can consist of models, students, brand ambassadors, hosts/hostesses and more.

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  4. Mobile Billboards / Trailer Advertising

    Mobile Billboards / Trailer Advertising

    R 3500


    is ideal for launches and promotions. With this mobile media, you can take your message directly to the targeted areas to put your message in front of the right target audience at the right time.

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  5. Human Billboards / Promo Teams

    Human Billboards / Promo Teams

    R 2390

    Want to target high traffic areas and hubs where other sort of media might not be available? Human Billboards have a strong and immediate impact and avoid conventional methods of getting your message out there.


    Our energetic and enthusiastic promo staff engage directly with your target audience. They can speak with people, hand out information and direct people to a location. We use stringent employment and training methods to ensure a high quality of promo staff and in some cases can provide bilingual teams.


    These billboards are backlit and the front and rear panels illuminate. Perfect for undercover campaigns, gloomy days and exceptional at night.


    Human Billboards can target areas where static advertising can be lost, like shopping strips, transport hubs and areas with high foot traffic


    These work well in groups of two or four at a time and can be great for large city-based campaigns, event targeted runs or for targeting suburban shopping strips and transport hubs. They are great for store openings, sales, launches or just to make your message more visible.

    Human Billboards are effective on their own or in a multi-factor campaign for maximum impact.

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  6. Wall Murals - Soweto

    Wall Murals - Soweto

    R 6750

    Wall Murals are a great, effective and cost effective way to advertise to huge markets, especially with our wall murals being so close to heavy traffic and on the doorstep of communities.

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  7. PUTCO Bus Branding - Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo

    PUTCO Bus Branding - Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo

    R 750850

    • PUTCO operates a fleet of about 1 800 buses

    • PUTCO travels about 90 million kilometres a year

    • PUTCO carries more than 70 million passengers a year. This extensive fleet of busses, carrying a captive market presents a fantastic branding opportunity. Furthermore, this fleet of carriers operates in areas of high density population, the dwell time is for extended periods of time and they are highly visible. This fantastic transport system, serves as an unbelievable media platform. One that we can achieve an incredible ROI for an advertiser and one that is neat, classy and highly effective.

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  8. Airtime Voucher Advertising - South Africa

    Airtime Voucher Advertising - South Africa

    R 100000

    The Bulk voucher was created by Blue Label in an effort to create convenience for the prepaid Airtime customers. Distributing over 80 Million vouchers nationwide

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  9. Car Wash Media - South Africa

    Car Wash Media - South Africa

    R 20000

    Moving Ads has a number of car washes across South Africa. These platforms are strategically positioned in high traffic areas with high visibility. The car wash structures can be used to advertise content and can be also used as activation sites. Learn More
  10. Activations - Gauteng

    Activations - Gauteng

    R 60000

    We have a united team that loves brands and we make sure we deposit the same into our team of Brand ambassadors. We get your brands out there in a way that prompts markets to want to engage with them on a very real, experiential basis. We have a team of outgoing Brand Ambassadors who have understood how to communicate and approach customers. We seek out talented individuals with dedication, enthusiasm, eloquence and charisma to carry your brand activation message into the marketplace. We have Brand ambassadors in all 9 provinces in South Africa. Our team is known for well presentation, great communication and constant engagement skills with your customers

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