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  1. Concerts In The Park - Cape Town

    Concerts In The Park - Cape Town

    R 1250


    “support local: local is lekker”

    We listen to it, stream it, buy it, download it, share it, play it, consume it live and react to it in all sorts of different ways. It stirs emotions and straddles territories; young or old, and brings together multitudes of cultures.... this is music and it presents a valuable opportunity for brands to align themselves with significant groups of concert attendees.

    Concerts in the Park is about bringing people of all colours and all walks of life together through the experience of music, providing access to free music concerts with the very best in South African talent. Concerts in the Park is a unique concept full of excitement – fun – laughter – enjoyment, it is nation building.

    Align your brand with an existing, all powerful, eyeball-attracting framework with Cape Towns biggest ongoing successful free concerts... Get in touch with us today to create an exceptional brand experience for your brand in Cape Town.

    About this listing:

    6 fully tax deductable Concerts in DE Waal Park, Cape Town to benefit from over the next year.

    Reach a …. audience in an authentic feel-good factor free for all concert, where brands are remember through emotional response and participation...

    Your brand not only will be visible on the day of the concert but will live long before the event and a long time after the events have come to an end. Pre, live and post brand building include branding, direct sales, activations, live streams, live shout-outs and association acknowledgement, TV, huge social media following on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and post-production seeding like viral VOD where performances can live on for weeks and even years.

    About your Host

    Charles Lindsay-Bowman, now CITP Director of Operations, and then vice Chairman of FoDWP volunteered in close cooperation with Cape Town City Parks to bring De Waal Park back to its original 1985 glory. Part of this “refurbish” was the bringing back to life of the 1905 Bandstand. Charles decided the Park must once again host music for all in this glorious Edwardian Bandstand and as the Bandstand is a public Park amenity – the Concerts must be FREE.

    Charles , through his vision and tireless energy slaving against many many odds for the past 6 years has, originally almost single handed but now in association with dozens of likeminded companies and supporters, brought these people events from zero to today with over 300,000 people from all walks of life having visited and enjoyed these unique community based Concerts in the Park .

    The first series completely surpassed any expectations in terms of the overwhelmingly positive response from all sections of the City Bowl community and media. This was clearly demonstrated by the attendance numbers throughout the series, which built up as the series progressed. Although many people came due to the specific Artists featured however for many others it was the informal warm social atmosphere that attracted them. Thousands and thousands of people made it a regular event in their social calendars, attending each and every one to enjoy the bringing together of our community with overseas holiday visitors arranging their vacation in our beautiful City around the dates of the FREE Concerts in the Park . Our Mayor, Patricia de Lille , came in her private capacity to the first Gala Concert with Karen Zoid ; subsequently The Mayors’ Gala Festive Season annual Concert has been sponsored by the Executive Mayor’s Office ever since as is the 17 th December 2017 Gala Concert in association with RSAWEB .

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  2. SAPHEX Expo (Pharmaceutical)

    SAPHEX Expo (Pharmaceutical)

    R 3600

    The SAPHEX exhibition and conference is now established as the “go-to” networking and business event for anyone working in the South African pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

    We will be hanging 5 x large LED screens in strategically highly visible places in the exhibition hall. The screens are ultra wide dual view screens with relevant event information running on the one side of the screen while branding and advertising runs on the other. This not only ensures that all visitors to the expo are well informed of what is happening at the event but also ensure eyeballs for the advertising brands as your advert will appear a minimum of 100 times per day.

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