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Alternative Advertising - South Africa Grindstone #advertisingprojects

Alternative Advertising - South Africa with Grindstone #advertisingprojects

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We specialise in alternative advertising such as:

Bicycle billboards:

In certain industries and companies, bicycle billboards are known as Ad Bikes or Promo Bikes teams.

Human Billboards:

Human Billboards are noticeable, eco-friendly form of outdoor street-level advertising and consumer engagement marketing.
They are sometimes known as a Walking Billboard teams and Ad Walkers by certain companies or within certain industries.
It is a particularly effective form of outdoor advertising for promoting retail stores, local events, and restaurants, plus to increase brand visibility around conventions.

Scooter Billboards:

This medium is similar to bicycle billboards except the billboards are attached to a mopad which allows it to travel through traffic reaching a higher audience.

Sedgeway Billboards:

Segway teams are the future of street team advertising. Offering the unique combination of highly visible branding, unparalleled mobility, and trained brand ambassadors, Segway teams position your advertising and engage your brand directly with consumers in targeted locations.

Experiential Marketing Events:

Experiential event is the engagement of consumers with desirable brand experiences to achieve company objectives.
An experiential marketing evet often integrates brand sampling, demonstrations, and participatory experiences.
Ideally, experiential marketing event activities enhance attract new customers, deliver a brand message and actionably influence consumer purchase behavior.

Mobile Billboards:

Our Mobile Billboard offer is the transformation of SUVs, ice cream trucks, buses, cars and other vehicles into one-of-a-kind rolling brand advertising billboard.
The main advantage of advertising via Mobile Billboards are the tens of thousands of consumer impressions generated daily in big cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.
The secondary advantage is they can be deployed around specific city neighbourhoods, retail locations, sports stadiums, and events.

Event Sponsorship Activation:

Event sponsorship activation consists of well-planned experiential and brand activation marketing at public events such as nonprofit 5K races, music festivals, park movie nights, sports events and other local community happenings.
This form of marketing is at its best when it enhances a person’s event experience while achieving brand goals.
Event sponsorship activation is also classified as Grassroots Marketing, Local Area Marketing, and Community Event Marketing by certain companies and within certain industries.

Mobile LED Screens:

Mobile LED screens are a great way to attract attention at events. Simply hook the screen up to a live camera and keep running interesting stats, playbacks and information on the screens and during walk in, down times and in-between run adverts for showcasing your brand or other paying brands to cut or share costs of set-up

Why you should advertise

We create noticeable indoor and outdoor advertising opportunities that stand out and can be deployed where other types of media just simply cannot reach (e.g. beach areas, bike parks, trade shows, festivals, concerts, big games, etc).
Our staff can be fitted in your custom clothing with full instructions about your product/service for one on one with potential clients building on your brand awareness. Super for brand activation and experiential marketing purposes. If you do not find a package we created for you below, then please make contact via the "Send Message" tab on the write and leave us a message with your request and needs. One of our agents will get in touch and put your thoughts to action...

Advertising Technical/Production Specs

Kindly note that a deposit will be required when hiring equipment such as the Sedgeway. Should you require any additional info on this product, use the send message tab on the right with all your needs and we will be in contact.


Gender Age Scope Of Audience LSM
Female/Male/ 0-65 National 0-10

Advertising Options

Ad Listing Price Impressions Placements
1000 101010 -+
1500 101010 -+
5000 101010 -+
2000 101010 -+
15000 101010 -+
40000 101010 -+
25000 101010 -+
  • Cancellation : Semi-Moderate: 50% refund up until 10 days prior to placement, except fees
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    Alternative Advertising - South Africa

    Grindstone was born out of a strong passion for marketing, advertising, communications and creativity- done effectively. Through our individual years of expertise working for top brands, we specialise in differentiating, positioning and branding companies through comprehensive, innovative marketing strategies. We're a team of professionals that gets excited about every phase, from planning and designing to executing and analysing results.
    Grindstone helps clients build consumer relationships by communicating their products and brands effectively. Our services include communications strategy through digital creative execution, media planning and buying, brand tracking and marketing analytics.

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