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Search listings by location, demographics and budget requirements.

Advertisers (brands, media & businesses)

Select from a range of  sponsorship, advertising and promotional opportunities. Add FLASHA to your marketing mix. Use filter options to filter out your specific requirements according to demographic, location and budget requirements, as well as communicate and pay via a secure online platform (COMODO SSL Certificate). 

How to register and use the platform

FLASHA is totally free for sponsors and advertisers to register, search and book opportunities. Just sign up and fill out your profile. There are no set-up or monthly fees.  Once you find a media channel you are interested in, you can either make contact with event owner/supplier or you can simply book and pay.  Once confirmation of booking is received by the channel owner/rights holder, the creative exchange (artwork for videos, promo material, ad channels) process begins. Simply search listings by location, dates, budget and demographic requirements. Filter results and narrow your search with advanced search tools. Pricing is made available immediately, so you can find something that suites your exact budget, location and demographic requirements.  A shopping cart is available to mix and match your campaigns.

Benefits to Advertisers

Compare Prices

Listings are standardised – showing various channel images, demographics, various package choices, AD specs, budgets and locations, so that comparing is made easy.

Quick and Easy

FLASHA's powerful search function makes it easy to find the right location for your brand. A personal dashboard also allows you to save communication information to easily refer back to, as well as store wishlist findings and many other useful features.

Win-win Model

FLASHA connects advertisers with media channel owners, whereby they can benefit from sponsorship and unique advertising opportunities, as well as focus on targeted and captivated audiences.

The Choice is Yours

You define your location, demographic and budget requirements from many proposed sites, events, venues and unique platforms available on the FLASHA platform.

How are payments made?

A 3% service fee is charged in order to cover the cost of processing the transaction as well as placement insurance for your peace of mind when doing business online or across cities.  Upon payment, receive final confirmation and receipt of your booking. Your payment will go into our Escrow account (Trust account), this gives you peace of mind that all agreements shall be met, as the money will remain yours up until 48 hours after the placement date (unless other organised by both parties).  This gives both parties enough time to communicate and agree that the conditions of agreement have been met. An escrow account is an account used to intermediate transactions between buyers and sellers. Funds are held in custody by FLASHA, until the agreed conditions for release are met.

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