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What is FLASHA

FLASHA is Africa's fastest growing sponsorship, promotions and advertising marketplace platform for finding great sponsorship, advertising and marketing opportunities. FLASHA's evolutionary online platform provides an updated way to list, sell and buy sponsorship and advertising space across multiple mediums, giving business owners, sales representatives and freelance professionals within the events, sponsorship and ad space industries a lead generating platform upon which to communicate. 

FLASHA's mission is to connect and expand the sponsorship, events and advertising, industries, which it does through not only connecting buyers and sellers of advertising and sponsorship opportunities, but also related industries within its platform. FLASHA can be used as a dailly lead generating tool for companies and sales team members and freelance professionals to help boost sales, create event awareness and advertise sponsorship and marketing opportunities, as well as aid in testing new revenue streams, unleashing a world full of potential.


Media channel Owners (rights holders) - MCO's  

There are no set-up or monthly fees.  You simply create your FLASHA account and list your event sponsorship opportunities or advertising channels such as naiming rights, sponsorship tiers, digital screen/s, in-flight advertising, WiFi hotspots, exhibition stands, human/bicycle billboards, drone banner advertising, TV/IP/IPTV networks, website banners, event screens, sponsorship, outdoor digital screens, in-store digital screens, waiting rooms, online radio/TV, bloggers, vloggers, walls, ablutions, tethered balloons, fight nights, magazines, the next shuttle to the moon...


Brand, media, advertising & business owners

Select from a range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities, promotional sites and event marketing opportunities. Add FLASHA to your marketing mix. Use filter options to filter out your specific requirements according to demographic audience, location and budget requirements, as well as communicate and pay via FLASHA's secure online platform.


Service Providers

Freely list your services for events, advertising production, graphic designers, venues,  WiFi installers, data service providers, computer network providers, event equipment, promotional products, film & photography, stage hire, signage, etc. 

FLASHA is an online marketplace that connects local and national buyers and sellers of sponsorship and advertising space, anytime, anyplace and at any budget.  Buyers and sellers can access an inventory of sponsorship, traditional, digital and unique advertising and marketing opportunities.

Companies or individuals that offer sponsorships or ad space can use the FLASHA platform as an additional sales lead generating tool or make it part of their sales team members arsenal.  Any business looking for an additional revenue stream can also use FLASHA to sell unused inventory and/or unique ad space within the various parts of their business – from showcasing a soccer team for sponsorship, a website, a wall in a city or township, at events on digital screens or unused inventory. 

Beyond the transactions of sponsorship and advertising space, FLASHA also connects advertisers with service providers. Through the FLASHA platform, media channel owners and advertisers can connect with graphic designers, photographers, staging and other industry related service providers in the event, sposorship, marketing and advertising industries.  For members of the platform, FLASHA is an effective tool to gain additional exposure and to help fuel business growth.

FLASHA's innovative approach applies sharing-economy principles to the events, advertising and sponsorship industries by directly connecting buyers, sellers and service providers. On the FLASHA marketplace, pricing is transparent and the search and transaction process are highly intuitive.  Our charges are minimal and simply are in place to ensure you have a great platform to connect with other industry users and list, sell and buy your sponsorship and advertisng space...